for new and future parents

Our self-image depends on the presence and actions of others. A child is drawn forwards in his or her development by the carer who interacts, now, with the future child


Leslie’s primary focus is supporting people who wish to start a family, who are expecting a baby or who have small children. She works with both individuals and couples.

Leslie works with future parents and new parents to optimize their own well-being and that of the infant. The unborn child and the infant’s development and mental health depend on the parent’s well-being. The period between conception and three years of age is the most critical in terms of laying the foundations of health and happiness. The immune, endocrine, and nervous systems are developing at this time.

A person’s capacity to respond to the environment is largely determined at this early age. When parents feel balanced they can provide an environment where children can thrive. Counselling provides an opportunity to receive support so that parents are able to nurture the infant’s biological capacity for resilience and health. In this way, counseling can be seen as a long term investment for the overall health of the family. Counselling can contribute to a sound future for all.

In addition to meeting in the office, when her schedule allows it, Leslie is available to join up for “walk and talk” sessions and visits to the maternity ward. Sessions can be held in French or English.

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